At Simplify Admin and Events, our aim is to make your life easier! We do this by taking away the jobs our clients don't like doing in there business. You know the one's I'm talking about, the ones that don't fill your bucket, the jobs that seem to be taking up all your time, the one's you just don't enjoy. Yep, they're the jobs we *LOVE* so hand them over to us. Lucky for them, and you, we do love doing these jobs, so get in touch and find out how we can Simplify your businesses admin. Our service offering is broad because these are the things we *love* to do. Click on one of the services below to find out more, or send us an email at to talk about your support needs.

Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual Assistant Services include:

Social Media Management

Facebook Advertising

Executive Services

Events Management

Email Marketing

Minute Taking


Data Entry

General Administrative Services

Video Editing

Something you're looking for not on the list?

That's ok, the service offering we provide is a long one, so chances are it is still something we can help you with. Call Kristen on 0401 344 660 or send her an email at and we can have a chat about what you're looking for assistance with.
Virtual Assistant Services