How to find a Businesses ABN

So you might be thinking, what a random Blog post topic, but knowing how to find a Businesses ABN is really important.

Why? For a whole lot of reasons!

Maybe your like me and completely forget to ask new clients and therefore need to find it myself, maybe you’ve found someone who is in breach of your IP and need to get in touch. Whatever the reason, here is a few ways to help you find a businesses ABN or business details when all you have is a website address or even just a business name.

When all you have is a website

The website is a registry of all Australian websites.
This will give you a list of the person who registered the website and the ABN associated with the website.

This can be really helpful when you’ve done a search for the business name and are unable to find them.

Use a Business name to search for their ABN

If you have a business name, or even the persons name, you can go to or (I’d suggest checking both) and look up the business name, or the ABN if you’ve done the website search first.

How is all this info available?

All of the information you will find on the above mentioned websites is public information about businesses. Try it on your own business, you will find information available on your business on these websites also.

It’s really important to remember that, if you are collecting this information due to a breach in your IP, for debt collection purposes or other legal matters, it is important to seek Legal advice and lawyers are able to access more information through these searches and others than the public is able to gather.

Happy searching.



How to find a Businesses ABN

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